This is an excellent resource and now a required text for my prepress course. Rather than me just holding up samples and explaining, they have their own samples to refer to. It is the perfect companion to my course and much more current than any textbook. The price is great for student budgets too.
Diane Livingston
Red River College

For a small company like us (who do not have our own in-house press), the guide was was helpful in explaining some of the problems we have experienced in the past and will help us avoid them in the future. I was very pleased to see things explained in laymen's terms.
Gail Flaherty
Production Manager
International Money Saver

Everyone in our Prod Dept thought this was fantastic. I wish we could send one to every one of our advertisers! Everything was explained in simple terms, the examples were fantastic and the content was well though out. Congratulations!
Michelle Frank
Production Coordinator
OP Publishing - Pacific Yachting, Cottage, BCO Sportfishing,Western Sportsman

This book is a worthy project, and I hope its contents meet professional expectations. Please, please, please change the cover! It does not look like professional graphic design, which makes me worry about the rest of the job.
Sincerely, Michael Barnes
Abacus Prepress Ltd.

To all involved in this project, I just finished reading the brochure and found it very well done. We know that such a project is a team effort as most publications are and everyone should be congratulated. This will be a great tool for our sales team and production people to produce better magazines and therefore please more readers.
Sincerely yours,
Jacques Denault
Marketing Communications Manager
Transcontinental Printing
Marketing Products
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec

As a graphic designer that was finally given a true and enjoyable opportunity to work in the advertising and publishing field, I enjoyed this guide very much. This is vital information that you are not exactly taught in college. I had quite a few questions regarding pre-press, so in order to get some answers I have attempted to take a few courses but each time they have cancelled them on me. I appreciate all the information you have given your readers and look forward to a new publication of your guide.
Mitzy Di Iorio
Production department
Ishcom Publications

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