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Published by
Masthead magazine, May 2004

Creative Direction
Thumbprint Communications

Art Director
Dyan Parro

Peter Giffen

Production Manager
Maria Mendes

Colour Specialist
Ken Retford

Copy Editor
Lawrence Miller

Nigel Dickson, Yvonne Duivenvoorden,
Graham French, Per Kristiansen, Virginia Macdonald,
Joseph Marranca, Ed O'Neil, Brian Sano,
Michael Visser, Bob Wigington, Ted Yarwood

Cover Photography
Joseph Marranca (photographer)
Tom Warry (assistant)

Mike Carter

Digital Retoucher
Michael Fellini

Font Consultant
David Michaelides, Type Sales Inc.


Gary Garland

Manufacturing & Technology Committee
Greg Antonacci, Family Communications (chair)
David Ballantyne, Quebecor World
Doug Bennet, Masthead
Bonnie Cook, Canadian Home Publishers
Michael Gaughan, Clarity Colour
Leah Hachey, Quebecor World
John Hall, Rogers Publishing
Steve Hopkins
Linda Melrose, Reader's Digest
Maria Mendes, Transcontinental Media
Nancy Paul, CCMC

Thanks also to the following Heroes:
Marcello Biagioni, Report on Business Magazine
Donna Braggins, Maclean's
Karl Broderick, Quebecor World
Vicki Hornsby, Cottage Life
Carol Moskot, Moskot & Loxley
Caren Watkins, Chatelaine
Steven Manley, Overleaf Design

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