This book is designed to demonstrate real ink-on-paper results found in magazine production and printing, and most other types of printing for that matter. The five main chapters (below) provide hands-on tips and illustrated examples.

Look Like A Hero has some special features:

Six paper stocks: We've selected paper stocks typically found in different types of magazines, from mass-market titles to high-end niche publications and in between. The name and specs of each stock are indicated throughout.

Two presses: Parts of this book were printed on a web press, others on a sheetfed press, because both are used in the world of magazines.

Fifth colour: Magazines often employ a fifth colour for special effects, such as logos on covers or special ads. Sometimes, when a spot colour is specified in a design but not available on press, a CMYK equivalent is chosen. Look for the colour bar found in the top-right corner throughout the book to see how a CMYK equivalent matches a real spot colour, in this case Pantone 1585, an orange. Orange is tricky on press; it can shift to yellow or magenta. That’s why we picked it. Our point: Colours behave differently, depending on press type, colour choice, paper stock, screening technology, and a host of other variables discussed in the guide.

Screens: Use our colour bar to compare results for two other colours: a brown made from 40% cyan, 90% magenta and 90% yellow (a color that’s tough to reproduce consistently); and a 40% grey scale.

Reduce Type Problems at the Font
Scan by Me
Have a Preflight Checklist
Supply a Proper Contract Proof
Use an Ad Format That Will Love You Back
Watch Out for Two Traps
Make it a Clean Job

Make Your Paper Perform
Weigh Your Paper Options

Achieve Better Black and Whites
Start With a High-Quality Transparency
Make Your Printing Detail Perfect
Ask for the Correct Digital Image Format

Choose the Right Press
Colour Your World with CMYK
How to Register Successfully On Press
Resolve Inline Conflicts
Become a Ghost Buster
Prevent Your Words from Haunting You

Mind the Gap
Discover that the World Isn't Perfectly Square
Cure the Pain of Shingles

Essential Links
Colour Management is Your Future
Technology Trends
Tower of Babel